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Ahhh, the beauty of June! Rafting and fishing trips here in the Copper River Valley come back to life and King Salmon are anticipated by every local fisherman, visitor, guide, woman and man looking to stock their larders and fill their smokers.  That’s a lot of pressure on these remarkable salmon that up until a few weeks ago weren’t expected in great numbers.  We’re happy to report King numbers are much better than expected..

Purple lupine and pink Sitka Roses emerge along with a burst of green leaves and grass. Temperatures are climbing more often now in the afternoons and it finally really feels like summer. (Except for the mosquitos…where are they?!) We’re nearly at the end of the month now with Sockeye returning and we’re gearing up for July-the month when Alaska turns it up to 11 and we just try and keep up.

Here are a few of the highlights from this beautiful month!~


Mount Drum, Wrangell Mountains

Alpenglow on Mount Drum in the Copper River Valley.

King Salmon with New Skies

Successful day of fishing for Kings on the Gulkana River with New Skies.

packraft Copper River

An evening float by packraft on the historic Copper River.

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