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paddling, kayaking, North Fork French Broad RIver

Beautiful day on the water.

 kayaking, paddling, North Fork Rench Broad River, Brevard

paddling, kayaking, North Fork French Broad River

paddling, cataraft, Boxcar Rapid, North Fork French Broad River

Scouting Boxcar

…Another scenic river adventure with some whitewater!  Since their warm-up run on the Davidson went so well, JJ and Greg decided to try the North Fork of the French Broad river.  The North Fork (IV-IV+) is a local creek run in Brevard, NC that had sustained a runnable level for a few weeks.  The ground was still charged from all the recent winter rains and they saw the Shredder’s window of opportunity at 1200 CFS.  So they rounded up the gear and off to the river they went…

A little less accessible than most river runs, getting the raft down to the water involved keeping the thwarts un-inflated and “folding” the boat to carry it through the woods.  Once at the river, the first few rapids went smoothly and the first scouting stop was Boxcar rapid…Technically, running the rapid itself went great!  However, there may have been a small loss of balance leading to a refreshing swim afterward.

They proceeded downstream through the other rapids, walked Submarine, and paddled out the Lower with the sun on the river.  Pretty day and good times.~




paddling, kayaking, North Fork French Broad River

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