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No fishing happening on this rafting adventure!  A lot of rain and a day off of our winter work afforded JJ and Greg the chance to try out the Shredder (2-man cataraft) on the upper Davidson River in the Pisgah National Forest.  The river was running class III+ (IV) due to recent rainfall and confidence may have been a little compromised when 1) a group of kayakers at the put-in spoke of the impending carnage they were about to witness and 2) they couldn’t recall many people they knew that had “shredded” the Upper Davidson.


So, they did what most boaters do in the face of nerves and put on anyway…safety, of course being of the utmost concern.


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The trip went very smooth as they paddled through the rapids and skirted some log jams.  One major tree in the way resulted in a portage for the cataraft and a small river rescue for the supportive kayakers from the put-in.  Is there River Karma?  Probably..   (All kidding aside, we’re glad everyone’s okay.)



All paddles and paddlers involved came out okay in the end and there’s another beautiful river memory for the mental archives.  Way to get out there to log some time in 2015 before it’s all the way gone, guys!~


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